Research Paper: Australian Attitudes to Chinese FDI

For many years, the China-Australia investment relationship has been one of the strongest in Asia. For Australia, a developed nation with abundant natural resources, the rapidly growing but resource-poor China has been a natural partner. Survey data collected by Kreab Gavin Anderson suggests that Australians view Chinese investment positively. However, they seek assurances that future investments will benefit Australia as much as they benefit China. This indicates that public opinion of Chinese investment is much more nuanced than some recent media reports have suggested. For Chinese investors with innovative Australia investment strategies, this is good news indeed.

Read this research report into Australian attitudes towards foreign direct investment by China. Learn how Chinese investors can make the most of the changing Australian investment relationship.

Download the report here: Room to Grow – Kreab Gavin Anderson Research-Asia

This report was presented today at The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong’s annual “Access China” conference. Learn more here.

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