Here’s to the Publishers!

This morning I had the good fortune to spend two hours with top executives from one of the world’s top newspapers. In an attempt to impress them – and have some fun – we printed our own newspaper today. It was an eight page broadsheet priced with a special supplement on Japan. It nearly killed us.

First there was content – then design. Then there was too much white space, or not enough room on a page. And why were there commas after titles and who used all those colons?

Finally the edition was ready and 45 minutes before the meeting started my colleague Anthony ran to the copy shop. The lady there said it would take an hour. He said, “No. That will take 20 minutes.” He was getting into a taxi across town as we sat down to meet with the executives. I stalled by asking open-ended questions.

I’d like to congratulate the complex teams that publish our newspapers every day. And even if you haven’t sullied your hands with ink in a while just as much thought – or more – goes into the digital editions. They’re always on. There goes an update….and another.

I asked my team to start preparing Monday’s edition. They groaned and went back to their workstations. I’m sure an editor or two would love to have that option. But the news drives on. Thanks, publishers!

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