Hong Kong: Not a Drop to Drink

Harvesting Rainwater in Hong Kong

10 November 2014

Not a Drop to Drink

Hong Kong’s Hidden Water Shortage and the Potential of Harvesting Rain

Hong Kong is a water-scarce society. Local freshwater resources cover less than one-quarter of demand. However, for over half a century, this scarcity has not been apparent due to imports of water from Guangdong’s Dongjiang (East River). Unfortunately, the Dongjiang is quickly nearing its withdrawal capacity.

In the latest report by Kreab Gavin Anderson, Not a Drop to Drink, we examine this water scarcity as well as one of many alternative water supply solutions — rainwater and stormwater harvesting. We gather opinions from community stakeholders to help build a consensus on the need to pursue water supply alternatives in Hong Kong. The report:

  • Examines local water scarcity from the perspective of history;
  • Gives an overview of Dongjiang basin management and relevant mainland policies;
  • Discusses the characteristics and drawbacks of Hong Kong water policies;
  • Explains rainwater and stormwater harvesting and their limitations in Hong Kong; and
  • Presents the perspectives of four key local stakeholders.

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