Architectural Marvels in Shenzhen

China has money to spend on architecture. That doesn’t always mean they get it right. There are a lot of awful buildings in jam-packed Shenzhen.

But when they get it right they do spectacularly well. From my hotel in Futian I look over the Shenzhen Civic Centre:

Shenzhen Civic Centre

Across town is the Shenzhen Stadium:

Bao An Stadium Shenzhen

The Shenzhen Bay Bridge connecting Hong Kong is an elegant way to arrive:

Shenzhen Bay Bridge

As well as one of the highest hotels in the world – The St Regis Shenzhen, with check-in on Level 96:

St Regis Shenzhen

Have I missed any of your favourites?

2 thoughts on “Architectural Marvels in Shenzhen

  1. Magnificent! Thanks for staring. What a fascinating life you are enjoying…. a very long way from Dearborn, Michigan.

    1. So nice to hear from you again Nancy – yes, I have traveled far. I enjoy it though. I hope this finds you happy, healthy and financially secure for life (two out of three ain’t bad)!

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