My New Role in China @Huawei

I’ve been quiet online since August, as I started a new job at the beginning of that month. On Linked In my profile update shows I am now Vice President, Corporate Communications at Huawei Technologies Limited. This is a new role for them, and obviously a new job for me.

Huawei Headquarters

The basics: I’m based in Bantian, a northern suburb of Shenzhen, China. The Huawei campus stretches along 2 miles of Wuhe Boulevard and is the workplace for 50,000 employees. The cafeteria in my building can seat 2,000 at a time, and lunch costs ¥12 (US$2).

Huawei Cafeteria

Huawei is a global telecommunications and technology leader, providing the backbone for the world’s telephone, broadband, mobile phone and data networks. Last year it grew from US$30 billion to US$40 billion in revenue. For the first half of this year revenue is up 30%. Some 70% of sales come from outside China.

Huawei Tower

I said my role is new. I’m leading the coordination of corporate communications across the company. That comprises internal communications, analyst relations, social media, opinion leaders, messaging and more. Huawei is in 180 countries and has 170,000 employees.

Yet what’s most difficult is I have no employees, spare a part-time translator. There are agencies. There are consultants. Instead my role is to coordinate and ensure collaboration across a number of business areas that have these functions built-in. Hence my feature photo of a mad-haired conductor.

It’s an exciting opportunity and one that I’m already digging into. I look forward to sharing the successes and setbacks along the journey with you.

One step

6 thoughts on “My New Role in China @Huawei

  1. Congratulations! Your new job sounds challenging and groundbreaking. I find your blogs about the culture most interesting and informative.

    Things are quiet in Michigan. The leaves are staring to change and we are enjoying a last gasp of really pleasant weather. One of my very favorite times of year here. I just completed a documentary that aired on Detroit Public Television on Sept 10, and am attempting to navigate the film festival circuit. We reached more than 10,000 households, so “Urban Warrior” is on demand. It’s about an amazing man who has dedicated the last 27 years of his life to reclaiming Detroit, one house, one block at a time. His name is John George.

    Everyone is health, which is a blessing. My husband and I are headed to California for a wedding in a couple of weeks and will enjoy the west coast for a week. My actress, Lauren is in Chicago doing Improv, and my son has delved into the world of craft beer, which is incredibly popular here. There too?

    Good luck with the new gig.

    Nancy (Branstetter)

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