World’s Most Valuable Brands: @Interband

Interbrand is a global brand consultancy, and each year they publish a ranking of the top 100 most valuable brands in the world. It’s no surprise that the top spot is held by Apple. Their brand is valued at US$170 billion dollars (the amount Bernie Madoff’s first employee owes the US Government, according to MSN).

In Asia-Pacific, eleven companies are featured among the world’s 100 most valuable brands. It’s great to see Huawei at #88 with a brand value of US$4.9 billion. The most valuable brand from Asia-Pacific is Toyota – #6 globally valued at US$49 billion.

Interbrand Rankings

The rankings are interesting – but the report is fascinating. Commenting in the report, Jez Frampton, Global Chief Executive Officer wrote that people want to personally design the life they want to live “It’s why we hold brands to such high expectations—for better choices, richer experiences, meaningful narratives, one-on-one attention, new form factors,” wrote Mr Frampton. “Brands are now expected to move at the speed of people’s demands—at the speed of their lives.”

Like you – I had to read that twice. I immediately thought “Speed of Light” and wanted to Wikipedia Einstein. But that’s “Speed of Life” and it appears, on careful review, that might actually be faster.

Speed of Light

PS: @Interband you might want to update your YouTube channel. The latest update is from the 2013 brand report!

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